Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exactly one week away

I have no idea if anyone is reading this thing.
But if you are, super!

Today means that we are seven days away from THE day... Are you all pumped up?

I've been meaning to put a lot more on this page. For example, fantastic restaurants in Paso, fun wineries to sample, places of interest, etc, and WHY I like these places...
You may just have to settle for this list:

Farmstand 46
Pan Olivo
La Mexicana
Villa Creek
Downtown Brew
Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
Tortilla Town

Tobin James
Robert Hall
Cass Winery
Meritage Wine Tasting Lounge

Places of Interest:
Paso Robles City Park
Vine Street
Downtown Paso Robles
Atascadero Lake Park and Zoo
Cambria, Morro Bay, and Cayucos
San Luis Obispo - Downtown
Madonna Inn - Get some Cake!

I know many of you are just coming for the wedding, but maybe you can squeeze a little something else from the area in on your visit to the area. 
The weather report is looking beautiful, so I think we will be rather lucky! 

This is a really random post. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunny Sunday Send-Off

Some Info...

I've been getting some questions about this, and since the invitation was intentionally vague, I thought I'd clarify some things:
 - From what people say, weddings go by in a blur, especially for the bride and groom. This Sunday event is a chance to see everyone again and hopefully get to spend some time hanging out before people have to leave town.
 - It is sort of a Come-And-Go-As-You-Please kinda deal. Pop in, have a little nosh, give us a high five, and then splitsie. Or... Stay and play some washers, visit with some friends, eat a lot, take a nap -whatever. It is unrestricted, hang out and visit time.
 - It goes from about 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Feel free to come at any point!
 - The address is 423 Apache Ct. Paso Robles, CA 92683 at the home of Kate & Ben Taylor.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hotel Update!

So... The hotels in Paso Robles are filling up fast. Apparently, there is some event happening on this weekend aside from our wedding. Go Figure!
I was able to reserve a block of 15 rooms at The Black Oak Best Western. Their phone number is 805/238-4740. They are on the north end of town where the 101 meets highway 46. My guess it that the rooms will go pretty fast, so reserve now!
Another option for rooms is La Quinta. They have available rooms, but will not let me reserve a bunch for you all. Their number is 805/239-3004.
Yet another option is looking in Atascadero. They have a Holiday Inn, Best Western Colony Inn, and a botique type place, The Carlton. Atascadero is a good option because it is about the same distance from the Creston (a.k.a., where the wedding is!) as Paso Robles is, and its easy to get to.

Please let me know if you are having troubles finding a place to stay. I will drum up more suggestions!


Easy Links!

The Honeymoon
Sur La Table

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Engagement Photos

Here are some of our Engagement Photos taken by our wedding photographer, Jonathan Roberts.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Save The Date

So I sent these little gems out in the mail this afternoon which means... In a few days, you will all be reading the wedding blog site! Mark your calendars, folks. Its wedding time.

Here is what you can find here / what I will put on here in the future:

- Hotels, Motels, Inns, Suites, B&B's, and Home Rental information galore
- Super excellent restaurant recommendations
- Awesome activities for the Central Coast
- Sneak Preview to some Wedding excitement
- Random rambillings
- Entertaining comments provided by YOU GUYS!

Things you will not find:

- Sharks
- Carnival rides
- Crickets
- Scorpions

So, check back here every once in a while for some fun and thrilling updates.
Here's to seeing you all very soon!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Activities Galore / Planning your Vacation

Hi Everyone!

For those of you not from the Central Coast, I thought you might want to explore what the area has to offer. Which is a lot. I think I will post up some sample itineraries from time to time on the blog of things I think would be fun to do... But today, I am going to give you a bunch of websites that will blow your mind right open. The Central Coast has many wonderful things to offer. Come explore!

Wine Country... Yum... - Paso Robles is the hub of the Central Coast wine industry. You can't swing a cat or jelly doughnut without hitting some grapes around here. Some of my favorite tasting rooms are Tobin James, Robert Hall, Silver Horse and Pomar Junction.

A Driver - By far, the best way to "do" wine country is with a driver. So get some friends, use a service, and taste some wine. It will be a great time guaranteed. And hey, if you wanna do this and don't know who else is coming to this wedding, email me and I will try to get you connected. I think it's a real good plan.

Hearst Castle - Well, it's here.

MontaƱa De Oro - This is one of the most lovely and perfect places. I don't know how most people have done it, but I sort of wiggle my car up the narrow road until I get to a place it looks like a lot of people have parked before. Then we follow a path that seems like you are doing things wrong because you are in a bunch of weeds and deep in a pit, but there is a little bridge / ray of hope, so you are going to be fine. Press on, my friend. Then you emerge on a long, essentially flat, dirt path leading you straight out along the bluffs to the ocean. Don't forget your camera!

Downtown SLO - If you crave little shops and one of a kind boutiques, get here fast before they are overrun with the stores from every Mall you've ever been to. San Luis still has quite a few gems to offer and a million restaurants to try. Some specifics to check out? The Fremont Theater, Hands Gallery, Decades, Downtown Brew, Cowboy Cookie, Big Sky Cafe, Human Kind Fair Trade and Firestone Grill.

Elephant Seals - Do you ever watch the Discovery Channel and wonder if you are living on the same planet as all these animals? Where are they? How come I never see any? Elephant seals are enormous, disgusting, loud, lazy, rotund, and totally awesome. You should take everyone you know. In my experience, the best way to do this... Be prepared to watch. These animals aren't there to perform and often they don't. They are sunning themselves on the beach and sometimes do some funny / strange / violent / blubbery stuff, but you just gotta be patient. Some of my best Elephant Seal photographs are of the people watching the Elephant Seals. Good stuff!

Morro Rock - People seem to go crazy for this rock. I've never understood it, but you might be one of these people and therefore could explain this phenomenon to me. Not that Morro Bay isn't a lovely place to be - its one of my fave's. I just don't understand the rock fascination, that's all. If you are going to check out Morro Bay, the Embarcadero is pretty cool and they have some sweet candy shops. Or the other awesome thing to do is go kayaking / canoeing in the bay. VERY fun. Plan for a couple hours and high tide, then paddle out to play on the sand spit.

Alright, well here is a little bit to get you started! Please email me with any questions / suggestions you have!